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PSL is all in-the-air nowadays. In the previous blog, we looked at a brief history of Pakistan super league (PSL). All of the teams played well. But two teams, are performing more better than all others. These teams are on the top of the scoreboard. Those teams are #Quetta_Gladiators and #Peshawar_Zalmi.These two teams are qualified for finals. The performance of these teams is amazing till now. Let’s have a look at the performance of all teams in the current season of PSL.

Cricket News, Pakistan Cricket News, PSL,
Cricket News, Pakistan Cricket News, PSL,
  1. Quetta Gladiators

Played 9 matches, out of which, they won 7 matches and lost just two, and successfully secured their position in finals, with unbelievably good performance, they made 14 points with Net. Run Rate (NRR) 0.423. They beat all other teams. Currently, this team is leading on the scoreboard.

2.Peshawar Zalmi

Played also 9 matches, out of which, this team won 6, while losing 3 matches, and secured their position in finals. They made 12 points NRR of 0.566. This team also played unbelievably good and is currently on the second position on the scoreboard PSL season 4.

3. Islamabad United

The third team in our Ranking is Islamabad United PSL season 4. They played 9 matches and out of that, they won 4 matches and lost 5.Islamabad United made 8 points with NRR of -0.139. In season 4 they tried their best but right now, they are not qualified for finals, hopefully, in upcoming matches, they can make their position better to get qualified for the finals. Their overall performance was considerably good.

4. Karachi Kings

The next team in our Ranking is Karachi Kings PSL season 4. This team also performed well. They played 8 matches, out of which, they won 4 matches while 4 matches were lost by them. They made 8 points with NRR of -0.459. This team is on 4th position on the scoreboard right now.

5. Lahore Qalandars

Lahore Qalandars, Unfortunately, couldn’t play that good in PSL season 4. They played 8 matches but just won three out of them. While losing 5 matches, they couldn’t qualify themselves for the finals. They made 6 points with NRR of -0.304. They are in 5th position and are on the bottom line of the scoreboard. Hopefully, they can make their position stable in near-future matches. But right now, they couldn’t perform that good.

6. Multan Sultans

Multan Sultans are in the bottom line of the ranking PSL season 4. They played 9 matches, out of which they won just two. And by losing all other 7 matches, they performed worst, as compared to other teams. They made 4 points with NRR of -0.145. They couldn’t perform well. Hopefully, they can secure their position in future.

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In PSL Well, all of the teams performed well. Two teams were awesome, while two teams weren’t that good, and two are in the middle. But the audience, who were watching the matches, sometimes becomes so violent and sarcastic. They blame the teams for not performing well. They sometimes, misbehave and show their anger in a very negative way. We need to understand that this is just a game and it happens in all of the games that one team wins while other loses. Everyone does the best he can do, but the winner is the only one who does the best. And no one is perfect. Just for Losing a Position, we cannot blame a team, because, they also tried their best to win the match.

In PSL Unfortunately, if that team cannot qualify, nobody has the right to blame them, just because of the team on the basis of Result. We can not ignore the efforts of the team. Well, that was all my opinion about that. What’s yours? Please let me know in the Comment Box.
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(Syed Hassan Sajjad)




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